Mother and child

Black and white image of figure with head covered in black scarf, covering breasts with hands. They have a limbless … More


Black and white image of figure with black draping on face sitting and holding strap on. One breast is binded … More


Torso lying in tub of water, bottom half in white dress with chest exposed. Rosary on wrist cradling breast with … More

Who am I?

63″x87″ House paint, spray paint, twin size comforter Image Description: Blue twin sized blanket with white floral design sprayed painted … More


Paper, 5.75″x4″ Image Description: Collage of woman lying on her stomach, background of specks of snow and random dots of … More


Paper, acrylic paint, marker, 4.5”x6.25” Image Description: collage of woman with white out eyes, wearing only towel, has wet hair, and … More


Paper, lipstick, acrylic paint, 5″x4.25″ Image Description: collage of woman sitting on rocks, has white wings, wearing bathing suit, white out … More

My Kind of Woman!

Paper, 5.25″x4.25″ Sold Image Description: collage with marbles blue and green background, hands meeting to put on wedding ring. Where … More


Paper, 6″x4″h Image Description: collage of floating green, child’s dress with pink love letter behind outfit. The background is backs … More

Mary Magdalene

Paper, acrylic paint, lipstick, eyeliner, 6.25″x4.25″ Sold Image Description: collage of reclining, nude woman wearing red lipstick and dramatized ribs. The … More


Paper, acrylic paint, 4″x6″ Sold Image Description: Collage with brown, earth textured background with woman sitting and staring down. Two blue … More

Open Arms

Paper, 4″x6″ Sold Image Description: collage of individually laid blue Canada stamps, random American flag stamps dispersed. Center is Mother and … More