Familial Blanket

Galabeya (popular style of dress in Middle East), kofeyye (popular head covering in the Middle East, passed down to me … More

Finding a Way

Paper, flowers, 4.5″x8″ Image Description: Collage of aristocratic woman with folded hands, map background, and pressed pink daisies.

Portrait of a Lady

Paper, pressed flowers, 8.5″x11″ Sold Image Description: Collage of woman with folded hands, pulled back hair with hat and clear veil. … More

French Revolution

Paper, 9.5″x12.5″ Image Description: collage of Marie Antoinette and her mother talking, green ambiguous taking over left side of image. … More


Paper, 2 1/2″x5″ Sold Image Description: collage with pabst blue ribbon beer and filled cup with football player in front. The … More


Paper, 5″x5″ Image Description: collage of sitting woman with child, both white out eyes, medieval style painting, sitting on chair … More


Paper, 8″x6.5″ Image Description: collage of islamic textile, white woman in the foreground smiling in paisley with an islamic ceramic … More

Boy with Fruit Basket

Paper, acrylic paint, 7.85″x10″ Sold Image Description: Boy with fruit basket, whited out eyes, red and blue snake coming out his … More


Paper, 6″X7.25″ Image Description: Black and white collage with greek style temple in background, statue in the foreground, and halo of … More

Crossing the Border

Paper, 7″x9″ Sold Image Description: Collage of virgin and child, whited out eyes, and tin foil halo on Mary. The … More