American Dream

Paper, 6″x2.5″ Sold Image Description: collage of woman sitting, legs open, nude, and pulling her shirt open to expose breasts. Behind … More

Return to Sender

Paper, 2.8″x4.5″ Sold Image Description: Collage of woman wearing workout clothes, looking down and pulling up her tights. The background is … More


Paper, 5″x4 5/8″ Image Description: collage with blue screen, woman in lingerie and hands on her hips look at viewer. There … More


Paper, 4.75″x6.75″ Sold Image Description: Collage of woman standing with hand on her hip, glamorous, and cigarette packages behind her. She … More


Paper, 3 7/8″x4 1/16″ Sold Image Description: collage of man climbing (his back is to the viewer) through blue televsion, fuzzy … More

Immigration 2018

Paper, 3.5″x3.5″ Image Description: collage of two people having sex, the woman on her knees, and man behind her. They have … More

To Work!

Paper, 6″x7.25″ Image Description:  collage of woman in 70’s fashion, hand on her head, looking at viewer and blue Canada stamp … More


Paper, 5.75″x5.5″ Image Description: Collage of woman sitting on floor, smoking, while other woman behind her (smaller) has her back turned … More


Paper, 4.5″x5.5″ Image Description: Collage of statue reclined, watching television. On screen are two nude women sitting in water, looking like … More

Woman’s Place

Paper, 2.75″x3″ Image Description: collage of pixelated woman drinking on carpet background. Arrow pointing at her saying, “dirt’s in the bag–no … More

Finding a Way

Paper, flowers, 4.5″x8″ Image Description: Collage of aristocratic woman with folded hands, map background, and pressed pink daisies.

Portrait of a Lady

Paper, pressed flowers, 8.5″x11″ Sold Image Description: Collage of woman with folded hands, pulled back hair with hat and clear veil. … More